Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rock Bottom: How Bo Short Joined Mannatech

Why Bo Short Joined Mannatech:

First, let's take a look at an average distributor beneath Bo Short inside Mannatech's pyramid scheme or MLM: If you want to skip this blog, and see actual data and proof of the this scam, click Mannatech scam. So long as the man in this video doesn't give away the confidence game by drawing an actual pyramid on a whiteboard or acting super-creepy, we can keep our faith in Bo Short and in Mannatech.

Strike 1. Everyone gets a second chance on this blog. You would think that if Mannatech really sold pills that were as empty and fraudulant as Bo Short's track record, the young woman afflicted with cancer in this next video would not be cured by Mannatech pills. Let's see what happens:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bo Short Joins Mannatech

Mannatech to Hire Former Shaklee MLM Con Artist, Bo Short

MLM Experts Target Bo Short's new Pyramid Scam within Mannatech

n the mid-1990's, a child suffering a horrendous genetic disease called Tasach's, tried Mannatech's "magic" pills. Next, Mannatech distributors took the child's nude photo to promote the effectiveness of their placebo medicine, publicly stating the miracle pill helped treat the boy, who died shortly after taking it. 

Distributors continued to use the photo, despite seven years of steady requests from the deceased child's mother to stop parading her son's image to make fraudulent medical claims online. In fact, Mannatech was ordered to pay $750,000 as a result. read more.

And so we're left with Mannatech, the viral pyramid scheme defrauding its marks with the lure of business opportunity, publishing illicit photos of a nude, dying child to boost snake oil sales. Perhaps that's why Mannatech is a fitting workplace for ousted Shaklee con-artist, Bo Short.  

"For Mannatech, there is a catch: The nation's top pyramid Scheme experts are closing in on Bo Short, with an aggressive SEO campaign of real information, distributor testimony and statistical data."

See Evidence of Bo Short's Fraudulent Claims and Criminal Behaviors Prior to Mannatech, in Shaklee